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Dr. Pat enjoys sharing her knowledge with multiple audiences, presenting her information as a lecture, clinic, or hands-on demo. Her goal is to empower everyone connected with horses so they can better manage equestrian fitness and well-being. She provides instruction for:

  • All levels of riders, competitive and pleasure;
  • Novice to experienced horse owners;
  • Veterinarians, including those who specialize in elite performance animals;
  • Alternative care practitioners; and
  • Local and international equestrian organizations focused on horse health

She is best know for her lecture titled, “Assess and Address the Horse’s Postural and Myofascial Imbalances,” which was first introduced in 2012 at Hassler Dressage in Riveredge for their Inaugural Wellness Symposium. The lecture focuses on managing Dents and Dings through the identification of RedFlags and how addressing these areas can improve overall fitness and performance.

Please contact Dr. Pat for availability and pricing. Her lectures include illustrative photos and videos to communicate concepts and she includes live demos whenever practical.

Publications in The Holistic Horse:

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