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Grooming, Horse Health

May 26, 2017

5 Grooming Essentials

Recently the online magazine Eventing Nation, released an article “Grooming with Emma Ford: 5 Things She Can’t Live Without.

The number one item on her list is Dr. Pat’s Posture Prep Horse Grooming Tool and thought we would share this with our visitors.

1. Posture Prep: When it comes to grooming, Emma says the most important tool in her kit is the Posture Prep. It’s a curry comb and massaging tool combined in one that helps release tension in the muscles and relax the horse while grooming. Emma recommends working the Posture Prep from the hind end toward the front of the horse’s body to allow for the energy from the hindquarters to release into the rest of the body.

Additional items are: Witch Hazel, Ice-Vibe Boots, Shapley’s Hi Gloss Finishing Spray, and Rambo Ionic.

You can learn more about these items and why Emma Ford can’t live without them by reading the and we recommend that you read the entire article.

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