Posture Prep Horse Grooming Aid to improve your horse’s posture


Dr. Pat Bona - Doctor of Chiropractic

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Posture Prep Cross FIber System for Horses

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This innovative, new horse grooming aid comes with an instructional guide to help you maximize your pre-ride warm up. By improving your horse’s posture, you can “re-form” his conformation and improve performance and longevity. The result? Your horse’s overall health and well being can be greatly improved as you learn the communication of your horse. In just the time it takes to groom your horse.

This starter Kit includes the Posture Prep Cross Fiber Groomer for horses and the updated instructions booklet

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 2 in


The chronicle of the-horse
  • Dec 4 | Working Hunter VIEW POST My riding instructor had said she has been using the one I gave her. Her grumpy about grooming mare has loved it. She has a gelding on layup with an injury and it’s keeping him happy enough that she’s added it as an instruction line for her staff to do with him as part of his care routine.

    Our instructor said last week that our mare was moving the best she’s ever seen. I’ve had to put on overreach boots. My daughter had trouble with trying to canter because the mare felt good enough to offer the hunter equivalent of tempi changes.

  • Dec 16 | Grand Prix VIEW POST I bought one of these without high hopes because my horse has always hated grooming. Curry combs, jelly scrubbers, rubber mitts are all the devil and touching her with them results in nasty mare face. Only a Tiger Tongue is occasionally tolerable. But to my surprise, she actually likes the PP! I do have to be gentle with the pressure, but she really seems to like the cross-fiber technique. She’ll even close her eyes, yawn, and lean in when I use it on her neck, shoulder, chest, and back – I could never curry those areas without a bad reaction before. Really surprised by how she’s taken to it!
  • Dec 14 | Painted Penny Pony Greenie VIEW POST I’ve had the PP for about a month now and it’s replaced mare’s curry comb. I have noticed shifts in where she’s sore as time as gone on. Her semitendinosis used to be really tight, but focused effort on her hind quarters and she feels a lot better. Now it is the under side of her neck that feels very hard. I definitely think it’s making her more comfortable overall, and it has significantly heightened my own awareness to the spots that she is uncomfortable in. And the mysterious line of atrophied muscle in her haunches that people called a red flag for PSSM when I posted about it is all but completely gone on both sides now!
  • Nov 20 | Zeusus Petal VIEW POST Mine finally arrived. I had been using a similar curry — long-spiked and soft — and got some happy reactions. Today I used the PP for the first time and La Mare made cooing noises, licked, smacked her lips and — my personal favorite — yawned. In the hip area she whispered quietly: “Yes, yes, yes. Yetttttttth. Yeth! Yeth! Ooo, ooo, oooooooo. YETH!”
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