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Dr. Pat provides chiropractic care and wellness services at her Broad Axe Chiropractic Center in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania. Her comprehensive care focuses on posture and wellness through a variety of chiropractic techniques and her clients range from infants to athletes and include a maturing population. A key area of focus is her work to release adhesions and address scar tissue that can result from past trauma such as surgeries or injuries. She also utilizes Erchonia cold laser therapy to compliment her adjustments. These treatments help facilitate healing, support optimum posture, and foster strong biomechanics.

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Dr. Pat has created a legacy by changing the concepts and approach to grooming and evaluating a horse’s posture. She teaches equestrians that “posture is the language of the horse”™ as she strives to set a standard and system that can be taught and practiced in all areas of equine management and education.

The basis for this standard is being able to recognize a horse’s unique roadmap of “Dents and Dings which she describes as the RedFlags™ of postural and myofascial imbalances in the horse. When riders/groomers can successfully identify RedFlags in a horse’s posture, they will have the basis for understanding how daily Posture Prepping can help pinpoint and resolve posture issues to maintain a healthy horse.

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Dogs and Companion Animals

Dr. Pat has expanded her Posture Prepping to provide comfort to dogs including those performing and competing in the sport of dog agility. She first introduced her Posture Prep for dogs as a vendor at the 2012 National Dog show in Oaks, Pennsylvania. But even cats or other companion animals can benefit from the myofascial release of the Posture Prepping technique.

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Clinics | Lectures | Demos

Dr. Pat is a well-known and highly respected speaker who lectures, demos, and holds clinics on the Posture Prep Cross Fiber grooming techniques and horse biomechanics.

Professional equestrian organizations request her for speaking engagements across the U.S. Audiences include novice horse owners, elite performers/competitors, veterinarians, and alternative care practitioners.
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