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Posture Prep for Dogs and Small Animals

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All pets can benefit from cross-fiber grooming and it’s not difficult. The groomer is designed to fit your hand nicely and contour around your pet.  The design of the Posture Prep™ makes it easy to use and get healthy results*.

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 2 in


  • Nov 27 | Marla 100 VIEW POST

    My dog loved it. She kept putting her paw on my arm when I took a break. “do some more.”

    She has hip problems so I used less pressure where she is sore. When I finished after 20 min. she acted all refreshed. highly recommend PP.

  • Nov 27 | Tabula Rashah VIEW POST

    My dog knows where I keep his and asks for it. He will also move himself around to where he wants you to focus on. About 3 weeks ago he tore his CCL on his right hind (surgery is this coming Thursday)- he really wants me to use it on his left hip area which I imagine is over worked from him limping

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