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Wellness Prep for People

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You can use Wellness Prep to create a relaxation response from your head to your toes. The design of the Wellness Prep™ makes it easy to use and get results.

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 2 in


  • Dec 19 | Working Hunter SDEL VIEW POST

    When I ordered my human posture prep I got two on a whim. Then the last time my farrier came out his wife had just had a knee replacement. I asked him if he’d ever heard of it or used it on his horses and he said his wife used one on hers. I sent him home with the extra human one. He came out to replace a pulled shoe today and said his wife has been using it around her knee. Said she went from only being able to get a 70 degree bend to a full 90 degrees in just a few days after she started using it.

  • Dec 14 | Working Hunter VIEW POST

    I’ve been using one on myself. I have horrible pain in my hip/lower abdomen from adhesions and scar tissue that pull my pelvis out of alignment. I’m noticing a distinct difference in how the scar tissue feels under the skin and my hip has been holding the proper alignment better. I’m happy too.

  • Nov 5 | Jackie C. VIEW POST

    My human Posture Prep has delivered better results than the cat curry ever has. It is much more enjoyable to use than my previous helper, the HandsOn grooming gloves. Stiff neck most every morning, swollen foot (since my case of Covid-19 (Alpha? January 2020), sore shoulder-upper arm, and sometimes my knees (with my cataract surgery I am doing a lot of squatting, up to deep knee bends.) The Posture Prep is making my life a LOT less painful.

  • Nov 27 | Marla 100 VIEW POST

    On my human feet, it was heavenly. Didn’t realize my feet were so sore and over-used. Haven’t had time to do other areas.

  • Nov 19 | Jackie C. VIEW POST

    I have noticed that though I still wake up some days with my neck hurting this does not continue for HOURS like it used to.

    My right arm/shoulder gets hurting from overuse (playing Mahjong on my tablet) so I use my Posture Prep on it every day. The pain is not as bad as before. My swollen ankle (probably from my case of Covid-19 in Jan. 2020) still swells up but not as bad or for as long as before I started using the human PP on it.

    Wearing my BOT compression socks also helps but my ankle is not quite as bad as it was before I started using the PP on it.I find that it works a little bit better if I used it up and down the length of the muscle fibers as well as diagonally. This is after I use it across the muscle fibers.

    My neck is the big success story with me. I have been waking up with my neck hurting for almost 40 years since I had a drunk driver hit me head on one day as I was driving out to feed my horses. Nothing had worked on it as well as the PP.

  • Dec 29 | SDEL VIEW POST

    I’ve been using the human posture prep for about a month now. Christmas Day was the first day in years that I woke up with no pain in my hip/abdomen. I’ve been able to go a couple of days without using it before I start hurting again. Last night I was able to do cobra and upward dog yoga poses without feeling any kind of pain or pulling in my abdomen and without feeling like I will black out or triggering a migraine. That was huge! I’m finally getting range of motion back that I was starting to believe would never happen.

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